Tech backing Britain to stay in the EU

Tech backing Britain to stay in the EU


Among the numerous opinions on the Brexit debate, expressed passionately by so many sides,

the technology sector has also had its say. 87% of the members of Tech London Advocates, which is an industry group representing almost 3,000 senior members of the capital’s technology sector, don’t like the idea of Britain leaving the EU. They claim that if the country is out of the Union, it would be harder for British companies to reach customers in the EU countries, which everyone equipped with the blessing of a basic common sense could also deduce.


Another factor is also the ability to find and employ talents from the continent, which would be

hindered, along with convincing international companies to operate in the UK. On the whole, in

case of an actual Brexit a new definition of what it means to do business in Britain will undoubtedly occur.


“Without the ability for EU citizens to cross borders freely some 25 per cent of the current UK

tech talent pool would be lost. This, in the short term at least, would be hugely damaging for many of our customers”, said Talent Point, quoted by IT Pro Portal. Talent Point is a recruitment agency, which registered 3,347 job hunters last year, with 24.73 per cent coming from the EU. Their availability in the British job market is mostly due to the freedom of movement within the Union.


Russ Shaw, the founder of Tech London Advocates, said, quoted by The Guardian: “London has established a global reputation as the digital capital of Europe. There is significant concern within the digital community that Brexit would undermine this position and threaten relationships with the European market. Attracting international companies to the capital has been one of the great success stories of London’s digital economy. Brexit could see global businesses locating in emerging digital hubs in Berlin, Paris and Stockholm rather than London.”


The UK has been at the top of the European tech economy and one of the factors is namely the

possibility of recruiting talented engineers from the EU without any complications. This is one of

the main aspects from a tech point of view in favour of the idea that Britain should sat in the Union; other factors, which perhaps appear more insignificant, but surely would be felt in case of a Brexit, are things like the European Commission’s ongoing Digital Single Market initiative. It reduces mobile roaming charges and lets everyone watch their favourite video content while en route across Europe.


On the other side, very few tech people claim that EU policies are in the way of their desires to

invest and do business across Europe, and just three percent said EU trade policies have a “negative impact” on the chance to trade outside of the continent. And there is of course Boris Johnson, by the way one of the representatives of London’s tech economy, who is voiced strong opinions in favour of the Brexit. The debate continues and it already hypothetical questions and the uncertainty already have an impact on the tech industry, just like on any other