Ricky: The Content Entrepreneur

I find that this generation of reality TV and instagram models has yielded a society that expects quick success and at a young age. Justin Bieber had $200m when he was 20 and is what’s crammed down this generation’s throats and now that everyone has a platform with social media, everyone is fame chasing. This causes a variety of problems but the one that concerns me is the quality of content being produced. It’s a vicious cycle and even production money is looking at reality and cheap content vs. quality motion pictures. We have no attention span anymore. Just look at movies from yesteryear, scenes that went 5- 10 minutes without a single word spoken. Now, you have to sell the movie in the opening seconds and maintain constant dialog.


I’m also a big believer that since we have the biggest ever generation of fame chasers, nobody is actually living life. Life is now portrayed through a phone or computer, and that’s what matters, not the experiences. Sad reality, and if you don’t believe me just look at a concert. Everyone’s phone is in the air and the priority is getting a cool video, not enjoying the musician you just paid money to go and see.  


I’m not usually the type to write about celebrities and talk about how they are my hero/ inspiration. When I was a younger, of course I had my sporting heroes; David Beckham, Tiger Woods were the two for me. However, there never seemed to be a connection, I couldn’t relate to them, even if I was aspiring to be like them. I’m now a young man and have found my hero, Mr. Ricky Gervais.


For me, he’s the best and I suppose I look at things from a different perspective but I consider Ricky Gervais is a content entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs build businesses around what they know and Mr. Gervais is no different and the reason why his content was so good is because he had actually done stuff in his life. It’s fairly well documented that Ricky had worked in a office for ten years hence made the office, was then involved TV and made Extras. This shows a great discipline, most people who start a business fail because it’s not clear exactly what their business is. This may sound ridiculous but it’s so true, people are so focused on trying to be something different instead of focusing on just being the best you.


On a personal level I share Ricky’s religious views or lack of to be more accurate. I also like the fact that he still lives in London. Most famous brits end up relocating to the US and develop a strange  half brit half american accents. Next, the podcast that has been downloaded millions of times was essentially first to market. Again, showing his entrepreneurial prowess, podcasts were a relative unknown when Karl, Steve and Ricky decided to make on of the funniest shows ever made. He saw that ‘on demand’ was trending and pursued it, continuing to do so with his current Netflix relationship. Special Correspondents coming soon!  
Since this is a hero/ inspiration post I won’t make it too long but I would like to conclude with why I have found a hero later in life. You have to go through thick and thin (see what i did there) to find happiness and have a story to tell. It’s the stories that make you interesting and make you who you are, I have been guilty of wishing for the easy way out but through Ricky I learnt that happiness isn’t a section of your life, it’s the whole damn thing. Be yourself, don’t get a fake american accent and create the best version of you.